I purchased tree data but an email never came

I'm working on a fix 😳 for this. Please check your junk folder first and then contact me and I will make sure you get your purchased data ASAP.

The backstory: I use a service called SendGrid to send emails from ShadeMap. SendGrid is used by many companies world wide and unfortunately some bad apples use SendGrid for sending phishing attempts and junk mail. As a result, some mailboxes block any incoming emails sent via SendGrid. The good news is that this is rare and doesn't affect Gmail and other popular email providers.

What is ShadeMap?

ShadeMap is a global simulation of mountain, building and tree shadows for any date and time. ShadeMap can calculate shadow locations in realtime and display them on a map. ShadeMap can also aggregate shadows over time to calculate how many hours of sun or shadow a specific location gets over the course of a day or over the course of an entire year.

ShadeMap in action
Realtime sun and shadow map

What can I use ShadeMap for?

Anything! I use ShadeMap to schedule my outdoor activites like rock climbing, skiing and mountaineering. It's also useful for finding parking on a hot summer day. My wife and I used ShadeMap to arrange the layout of our backyard wedding. Some use it for planning gardens and permaculture. Others like to prospect potential homes or rental properties. Academics use it to facilitate their research. You can also perform basic solar analysis and if you're an urban planner you can study the effect of future construction on sunlight and shadows in your city.

Do you have another use case? Let me know!

It won't load or it's very laggy

ShadeMap relies heavily on the graphics processing unit (GPU) of your device. In general, all modern smartphones come with a GPU and have small screens which make them ideal for using ShadeMap.

If using a computer, make sure your browser supports WebGL (test page) and reduce the size of the browser window to increase the performance.

How does ShadeMap work?

Given a location and time of year, it is possible to calculate the sun's position. ShadeMap then traces a path from each pixel on the map towards the sun. If the path intersects another object such as a building, mountain or tree, the pixel where the path originated will be in the shade. If the path does not intersect any objects, the pixel will be in the sun.

Can I see how many hours of direct sun a location receives?

Yes. You can see cumulative hours of direct sunlight for any date by choosing 'Hours in the sun' from the layers menu. You can change the date by clicking on date/time button at the bottom of the screen.

Hours of sun light mapped

You can also see the annual amount of direct sunlight for a specific location by choosing 'Annual sunlight' from the Layers menu.

Where does the building data come from?

Building data comes from OpenStreetMap, a free, open geographic database updated and maintained by a community of volunteers via open collaboration (This project would not be possible without them 🙏). When building heights are missing from the OpenStreetMap database, the default height is set to one story (~3.1 meters).

My house is not on the map

You can use the drawing tool to draw your house on the map and set its height. To remove an existing building from the map, draw over the top of it and set the height to 0. More information in the video below.

Can I see tree shadows?

Tree shadows account for the majority of shade in certain regions of the world. You can pay to view premium surface data which includes trees and precise building layouts and building heights. If this data is available in your region, you will be prompted to Add Trees when you zoom into street level. Tree data can be purchased and viewed per square kilometer. Each purchase lasts for 30 days.

Can I see shadows underneath the trees?

By default, shadows are displayed on top of the tree canopy. To view shadows underneath the tree canopy, change the related option in the Settings menu.

What direction is the sun?

You can display lines indicating the current direction of the sun, sunrise and sunset in the Settings menu. The directions of these lines will automatically update as you change the location, date and time.

Can I use this to sunmap my garden?

Yes, check out the video below

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